Volunteering in Lev Binyamin

Volunteering in Lev Binyamin enables community engagement in the growth and development of children and adults with disabilities.

Volunteers bring a lot of love and joy. Their special connection with the Lev Binyamin children and adults is a source of growth, support and security.

We offer several volunteer options:

* The rehabilitation center: Assistance to the staff through a personal connection to one of the infants undergoing various treatments.

* The childcare center: Once a week on a specific day, 2-6 pm, for the whole year. 

* Personal mentors: one-on-one meetings in the child’s home according to the needs of the child and family. Volunteer opportunities available throughout the Binyamin region.

* Based on the volunteer’s personal interests—one time or regular activities such as music, carpentry, reading and more.2/

Would you like to volunteer?

Register here and our representative will contact you. 

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