The Team

שלומית קהן

Shlomit Kahan


מיכל פינקל

Michal Finkel

Project Director

עינב רגב

Einav Regev

Director of Family Support Services

ישי מעוז

Yishai Maoz

Director of Social Services | Director of Childcare Center

נעמה בלמס

naama BLASS

Director of Finances

מוריה דיאמנט-דורלכר

Moriah Diamant- Dorlecher

Social Worker | Director of Employment Services

Our vision

We strive to respond to the daily needs of individuals with disabilities, from infancy to adulthood. Lev Binyamin‘s diverse community, ranging from 6-month old babies to adults, includes people with physical and intellectual-developmental disabilities, individuals with communication disorders, rehabilitation populations, and more.

By promoting social responsibility and the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities, we are helping to create a warm and embracing community, which — we believe — has the power to make a significant impact on Israeli society at large.

Lev Binyamin videos

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