Our activities are the pulse of Lev Binyamin. This is where our clients and their families create life-time memories. Volunteers, who also take part in these events, are also deeply affected by the opportunity to give to others. It is a win-win situation for all. 

Camp activities

During vacations, Lev Binyamin operates summer camps tailored to the different needs and ages of children with disabilities. The camps provide room and board and a rich curriculum of activities. Youth who serve as mentors are paired with participants and both sides benefit greatly from this unique relationship, based on equality and mutual respect.

Shabbat for families

The annual Lev Binyamin Shabbat seminar for families, held at the Ofra Ulpana (high school), includes informative sessions for parents and activities for the whole family. This gathering of the extended Lev Binyamin family allows for profound conversations and sharing, and empowers family members, who realize that they are not alone. 

Communities Host

During the year, Lev Binyamin clients are hosted for weekends by families throughout the Binyamin area. Youths lead the preparations, and the whole community comes together to provide an unforgettable experience for dozens of guests, who are showered with love.

Hearts and Coffee

This initiative of a group of parents responds to different needs as they arise. These get-togethers over coffee enable our clients’ parents to access new knowledge, give and get support, and meet with various professionals from the field. The experience creates strong and meaningful bonds.

Personal Mentors

This one-on-one mentoring program encourages social engagement of clients and provides meaningful support. Currently, 60 mentors and mentees meet once a week in the mentee’s home or environment. These relationships contribute to a sense of belonging and both sides benefit and grow.

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