Employment Services

Employment helps individuals develop a sense of self-value and productivity. Getting a job is a crucial stage in the life of an adult with disabilities.

Every day, additional adults over the age of 21 are integrated into Lev Binyamin’s employment network. Some people are assimilated into the community through jobs in the Binyamin area and beyond. Others are employed in the Social Cafeteria, the Cooking Kitchen or the Food Packaging programs.

As a result, they feel that they are equals, making a meaningful contribution to society, and getting compensation for their work; they are proud of their productivity as well. “Great is labor, for it honors the worker.”


Employment in the community

Suitable candidates for jobs in the community receive training and support in the process.  A Lev Binyamin social worker provides guidance and assistance and connects employers to potential employees.

Social Cafeteria

The Social Cafeteria operates in the Ofra Ulpana (high school for girls) and is open to the general public. This inviting and tastefully decorated space allows for direct interactions between graduates of Lev Binyamin’s programs and the community. Whole meals, desserts and other dishes, lovingly prepared by Lev Binyamin’s chef and baker, are served; many use this appealing venue for meetings or special gatherings.

Cooking Kitchen

The Cooking Kitchen is part of the employment network for adults over 21. The kitchen prepares food for the rehabilitation center, the childcare center, and all the hosting needs of the organization. Employees acquire knowledge and skills in cooking and baking;  the professional kitchen managers oversee the learning process, which is tailored to each employee’s individual abilities and needs.

Employees of the Cooking Kitchen profit from an empowering work environment, enhanced life skills and an enjoyable and challenging experience.

Rehabilitative work factory

Under the close supervision of a professional team that trains them for the job, employees are engaged in packaging food and other products for many different stores. This factory provides occupational activity that strengthens capabilities, as well as a salary. Employees feel productive, significant and part of the employment market, just like their peers.

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