Lev Binyamin provides a response to our clients’ daily needs, from infancy to adulthood.

The following programs operate all year round:

Rehabilitation day-care center for infants

A rehabilitation and treatment center for infants with developmental or other disabilities. The professional staff provides a therapeutic environment and activities that foster and strengthen the children’s skills.

Afternoon childcare center

An afternoon-care center for children of all ages, which provides individual and group-based experiential activities, including music, movement, art, sports, and more. The center helps children learn life skills. and improve their social interactions and personal capabilities.

Respite Center

The Respite Center enables individuals with disabilities (who are eligible for this government support) to spend a night away from home. A professional and supportive staff cares for all their needs and they also have an opportunity to learn housekeeping skills.

This program provides crucial support and respite for parents and other caregivers.

Supervised living

Adults (over the age of 21) with disabilities enjoy this opportunity to live independently in supervised group homes throughout the Binyamin area. Thanks to the warm and embracing atmosphere, they become active and contributing members of their communities.

Social rehabilitation center

The rehabilitation center serves high-functioning 15-18 -year old teenage girls with mild disabilities. It offers enriching, experiential activities and courses that promote learning, better inter-personal communication, personal hygiene, and more; this program helps build a strong social group and sense of belonging.

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